Stress reducing direct composites after RCT  

Dr. Krishna Vyasby Dr. Krishna Vyas
Stress reducing long term direct composites

Stress reducing long term direct composites

1 hour 16 minutes

This course will introduce us to a novel technique of building stress-free post-endodontic build-ups that last longer in an intermittent period without the fear of tooth fracture.

The clinician will be exposed to restorative techniques which can resist the mode of failure and can mimic the performance characteristics of the intact natural teeth. 

A choice to conservative treatment options to preserve the healthy crown structure, whenever it’s appropriate, with the help of a glass fiber mesh has been described step by step with various clinical situations shared. 

A glass fiber mesh distributes stresses evenly in all directions and prevents stress concentration from occlusal loads. Such restorations can be an intermediate solution or a complete alternate to a traditional crown after root canal treatment.



The crown reconstruction of root canal-treated teeth admits different treatment options. What is the best suitable option and how the decision is made may always be disputed and even controversial? But the decision needs critical evaluation as the Restorative factor is considered as one of the most common reasons (44%) for extraction of endodontically treated teeth. On one hand, a full crown is considered to be the primary and oldest solution to improve tooth survival, and on the other, new materials and techniques help us in exploring new conservative treatment options which are also durable and aesthetically acceptable. This lecture intends to provide an insight about these new innovative direct post endodontic restorations with the incorporation of glass fiber mesh, which is based on understanding the biomechanical properties of Dentino Enamel complex and physicomechanical properties of the resin-based composite including the stress generated from both polymerization shrinkage and occlusal forces. Thus, stress-reducing long-term direct composite restorations for non-vital teeth as an option have been evaluated in the course.


Dr. Krishna Vyas

Dr. Krishna Vyas

  • Received BDS from SDM Dental College, Dharwad, India.
  • Received MDS in Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics in 2011, being the topper of Datta Meghe University, India.
  • Diplomate, Indian Board of Endodontics.
  • Did Certification program in Micro Endodontics from Prof Kim of Pennsylvania University.
  • Certified Digital smile designer, did fellowship in Digital smile designing under Dr. Christian Coachman.
  • She was trained in CADCAM dentistry at Bensheim, Germany.
  • Invited to France and Switzerland for Endodontic scientific deliberations and is involved in clinical trials of many instruments and materials prior to their launch.
  • Chair Women of the Board of Directors of Vyas Dental Inn and Raipur Multi-speciality Dental Hospital.
  • Honorary Dental surgeon to the Governor of the state of Chattisgarh, India.
  • Smile Designer at Kalda plastic surgery center.
  • Director and Mentor for Basic and Advanced micro-endodontic courses at Vyas Dental Inn. 
  • Spreads skills and knowledge through her youtube channel.
  • Speaker at various national conferences and international platforms
  • Recipient of various awards including Best Dental surgeon of the state in 2014, Highly commended outstanding Dentist of the year, Famdent National Award in 2017.
  • Panel speaker at 36th IACDE National Endodontic Conference, Nov 2021
  • She is an active Rotarian.


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Stress reducing direct composites after RCT
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