Recapitulate and Reirrigate- 1st step to success  

Dr. Mandar Pimprikarby Dr. Mandar Pimprikar
Recapitulate and Reirrigate- 1st step to success

Recapitulate and Reirrigate- 1st step to success

23 minutes

The Presentation will discuss the importance of apical patency in endodontic procedures. The video is best viewed in full-screen mode.


The use of a patency file in endodontics remains a controversial issue. Using a small K fi le inserted passively and intentionally by 1 mm through the fora-men is advocated by some investigators and clinicians as an important procedure designed to help the cleaning and shaping process, To aid in delivering irrigating solutions to “hard to reach areas” of the root canal system, as well as to the apical third. This procedure is even cited as an important step in achieving clinical success. Detractors of the use of the patency file have concerns with the increased extrusion of debris and irrigants through the fora-men, higher incidence of postoperative pain.


Dr. Mandar Pimprikar

Dr. Mandar Pimprikar

Dr. Mandar Pimprikar graduated in 1993 from Bharti Vidyapeeth Dental College, Pune. Since then, he has maintained a specialty practice in Endodontics and Micro endodontics At Nashik Maharashtra.

He completed a post-graduate Programme in Endodontics from New York University College of Dentistry (Dept. of CDE) in 2006.

Dr. Mandar Pimprikar has invented and designed few instruments and formulated irrigating solutions.

  • Endo-Irrigator Plus is a continuous activated irrigation and evacuation system with warm sodium hypochlorite. is patented in India and internationally.
  • Formulated ONE STEP IRRIGATION SOLUTION in endodontics and TWIN KLEEN which is also patented in India.
  • Designed A Smart Endo Mirror for endodontics and micro-endodontics
  • Invented and designed PATS Pro-Agitator Tip System In Endodontics.


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Deepti Musmade
Deepti Musmade

Very nice explanation

Feb 15, 2023

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Recapitulate and Reirrigate- 1st step to success
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